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from the beginning of the Mutiara adventure, our aim was to blend professional expertise with available local resources ~ as such, our resort team consists of a carefully selected group of 20 local associates, with a senior manager in charge ~ Pak Rumma, our manager, has more than twenty years of hospitality experience, having worked as an executive chef in Batam, Bintan and Singapore ~ he is assisted by 5 supervisors who are mostly coming from other Indonesian islands, bringing with them their professional experience ~ the staff is from nearby villages, and has been trained on the job


Mutiara Beach Resort started first with the river spa, at the end of 2005, as a day trip destination for the tourists staying at the Bintan Resorts hotels, in the north of Bintan ~ some of our spa therapists have been with us since these early days and have been loyal contributors to the excellent reputation of our spa ~ all the therapists were recruited from the the village next door, and have been groomed by spa trainers from Taman Sari Royal Heritage, the famous Indonesian brand of natural spa products we have been using exclusively


our resort is dog-friendly, due to the soft spot the owner has for man’s best friends ~ Bintan dog owners often keep the male puppies and dump the little females by the roadside ~ if an abandoned puppy is seen in a miserable condition, she gets picked up and brought to the resort, where the team and the house vet do a wonderful caring job ~ when old enough, our house dogs get vaccinated and sterilised, and hopefully learn a bit about discipline ~

please help us by not feeding them ~ our house dogs are called Pixy, Sony, Remon and Rainbow